This release includes two new features:

  • Define Blocking Rules for Services
  • Use Builder Modules in Project

Define Blocking Rules for Services

You can now define blocking rules that prevent a tenant from using a higher metric amount than the limit specified. For each metric key, which is the name of the blocked property, you can define the endpoint (Path) and the methods (GET, PUT, DELETE, and POST) that become blocked after the specified limit is reached. The limit is defined in the publishing tab in the package which contains the service.

Use Builder Modules in Project

A new toggle button is available on the Builder module view named, Use this Builder Module for my Project. With this feature, test the functionality of a Builder module easily before wrapping it into a package. Simply select the toggle button, as shown in the screenshot below, to make the Builder module appear in the navigation on the left side:

There are more changes and improvements on the way, so check back soon for the latest updates!

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