This release includes these new features and improvements:

  • Reorder projects by drag-and-drop
  • Developer Mode in the Builder
  • Invoice is available as a payment method

Reorder projects by drag-and-drop

In the past, projects appeared on the product overview page in the order of creation only. You can now change the order by dragging and dropping each project. Click REORDER at the top right of the screen to activate reorder mode. Simply drag-and-drop the projects in the order that you want them to appear.

Reorder Projects Button 1

Reorder Projects Button 2

Reorder Projects Button 3

Developer Mode in the Builder

Developer Mode makes it possible for developers to step away from the Builder CLI to preview content directly in the Builder. Switch on Developer Mode to see the navigation nodes that you created for your Builder module in the left-hand navigation. You can also preview your project directly in the Builder.

Open Developer Mode under Project > Administration > Development. Click OPEN PROJECT IN DEV MODE. A dark gray bar appears at the bottom of the screen indicating that you are in Development Mode. You can access Dev Mode settings or exit Developer Mode using this bar.

Developer Mode

Developer Mode

Developer Mode Settings

Developer Mode Settings

Invoice is available as a payment method

Under Settings > Administration > Contact & Billing, you can choose an invoice as a method of payment. As with other methods, you can set an invoice as the default. To use the invoice method, you must request it. After SAP Hybris approves the request, it is then available.

Invoice as a payment method

There are more changes and improvements on the way. Check back soon for the latest updates.

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