This release includes these new features and improvements:

  • Redesigned navigation
  • The feedback icon offers multiple options in a dropdown menu

Redesigned navigation

The redesigned navigation spanning the YaaS website changes the way you navigate to the Builder. The top navigation in YaaS was previously dark blue and featured a light blue submenu. The top navigation is now a single bar. All of the navigation items from the former dark blue top navigation live in a new square pull-down menu accessible from the left of the new navigation bar. You can choose the Builder from the square pull-down menu.

Deprecated design Redesign

The feedback icon offers multiple options in a dropdown menu

The location of the feedback icon is now more visible and provides access to a number of options. Previously, the icon was on the bottom right of the page and only opened a feedback form when clicked. Now it appears in the top navigation. When you click it, you can choose to get help, give feedback, find out the status of YaaS or turn on page help.

Help menu

There are more changes and improvements on the way. Check back soon for the latest updates.

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