This release includes these new features:

  • An improved login page
  • Bookmarks for the organization home page

An improved login page

The updated login page lets SAP Account holders as well as users with invitations log in to YaaS. New users can only sign in using the yellow sign-in button. Users that have not yet migrated to an SAP Cloud Identity should use the blue button.

Updated login page

Bookmarks for the organization home page

The top navigation in Builder now features and icon to bookmark pages of a project. After you bookmark a page, it appears in the drop-down menu of bookmarks, sorted by the project that it belongs to. To modify your bookmarks, click the link Manage Bookmarks in the dropdown. The user is then directed to the organization home to delete or edit bookmarks. You can customize bookmark settings with individual names and assigned, colored tabs that appear alongside the bookmark on the organization homepage.

New bookmark feature

New bookmark feature

New bookmark feature

There are more changes and improvements on the way. Check back soon for the latest updates.

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