This release includes these new features and improvements:

  • An updated organization homepage
  • Show and hide projects
  • Enable and disable confirmation messages
  • Mark an organization as a favorite

An updated organization homepage

The homepage features new graphics and access to functionality such as member invitations and project creation. To invite members or create projects from the homepage, you must have the necessary rights.

Homepage Homepage

Show and hide projects

You can now hide projects that you are not currently using. The ability to hide projects makes the interface more efficient to use, and you can more easily find the project that you are working on. Open the page MANAGE YOUR PROJECTS. Hover over the project that you would like to hide. The eye icon will appear. Click the eye icon to hide an active project. The project will appear under Hidden Projects. It is no longer is visible in the navigation. By clicking the eye icon of a hidden project, the project will be visible again under Projects as well as in the navigation.

Hidden Projects Hidden Projects

Enable and disable confirmation messages

Until now, users did not have the option to disable the notifications that display after the successful completion of actions. Now it is possible to suppress these confirmation messages. Developers can configure this setting in their Javascript.

Mark an organization as a favorite

Use the star in the top menu to indicate your favorite organizations. In the desktop view of the UI, you can also click the star next to the organization name in the dropdown menu. The starred items appear first in the drop-down menu that lists organizations.

Mark an organization as a favorite

There are more changes and improvements on the way. Check back soon for the latest updates.

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