RELEASE NOTES/Commerce Builder Module/Commerce Builder Module v0.2.13

With this release, you will be able to see some additional information on cards on listing pages under Commerce Settings. Site Settings cards now display information about the default site, and a site's language, currency, and in/active state, while Payment and Tax Settings cards display information about the service providers configured for the sites.

In addition, we have added two new fields on the Site Details page, which allows the merchant to specify a site URL and a product path. These parameters will be used to construct a redirect URL to the original Product Details page of a product made available to buy in social apps. The product URL will be exported along with other product details to Stripe Relay.

Also, for a product you can now add external images. Simply paste the external image link to the External Image URL field and save the product.

Additionally, in this new release, when creating and managing coupons user time zone is being used instead of GMT. Improvements were also made to shipping zones and methods.

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