RELEASE NOTES/Commerce Builder Module/Commerce Builder Module v0.2.15

New Cancel button functionality

With this release of the Commerce Builder Module, the Cancel button functionality has been updated in accordance with the following Techne requirement:

Cancel: Stops the process the user has started and brings the user back to the page before they started the process. Cancel stops a new object being created, closes a modal or an edit page, ends a complete wizard and deletes all data changes. Most of the time, this pattern can be solved with a historical back using the Referrer from the Builder link manager.

Improved UX when deleting tax overrides on PDP

The user experience for deletion of tax overrides on the Product Details page has been improved. Before, the tax override would be removed from display when clicking the X on the tax override card, but the actual deletion would only happen when the user subsequently clicked SAVE. Now, when the user clicks the X on the tax override card, a modal dialog displays and asks the user if they are sure they wants to delete the tax override, and an API call to delete the tax override is made after the user clicks OK.

New alert when a site currency is updated

In this release we added a notification for the user whenever currency for a site is changed. This alert informs that shipping rates are affected by the change of currency and allows the user to navigate to the shipping settings for that specific site and make any necessary adjustments.

Stripe Connect and test mode

Stripe Connect is a new and easy way for you to integrate the Stripe payment provider with YaaS. With Stripe Connect, you can take advantage of the Stripe Relay feature that will be available in the upcoming Stripe Relay In-App & Social Sales package.

To activate Stripe, navigate to the following setup page:

your project > Commerce Settings > Payment Settings

Click Activate Stripe. You will be routed to the Stripe site to activate your Stripe account.

Once you are connected to Stripe, the Stripe private and public keys are stored in the Site setting.

If you are already connected to Stripe using the previous configuration, you have the option to remain as is, or to click on the Activate Stripe Connect button to update your configuration.

After you are connected to Stripe, its default is set to Live mode, which means you are ready to begin charging credit cards. If you want to test the checkout process and not charge a real credit card, you can toggle it to Test mode. Click the slider to toggle back and forth between these modes.

If you want to remove Stripe as your payment provider, click Deactivate and Stripe will be removed.

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