We have improved the user experience for interactive documentation within the code cells and left navigation of the Dev Portal. Code cells are now more functional and easier to understand.

Play icon

A triangular play icon now displays in the left navigation of the Dev Portal next to sections that include interactive documentation.

Play icon in the left navigation

Pencil icon for editable code cells in interactive documentation

The blue code cells in the interactive documentation can be edited directly. A pencil icon displays next to code cells that are editable.

Pencil icon within code cell

Improved code hints in code cells

We improved the look and feel of the code hints that display when you type your code inside a code cell. Previously, they were placed directly between lines of code, which was confusing and disrupted the workflow. Code hints now display in their own layer above the code cell and are separated by a box shadow.

Hint within code cell

Expand/collapse functionality and indentation in responses in code cells

When you execute a code cell, a response displays below it. These responses are now indented for better readability.

You may also expand and collapse certain lines within a response. A small, triangular arrow displays next to lines that can be expanded or collapsed.

Expandable responses

Red background for error responses

All error responses with status codes of 4XX and 5XX now have a red background for better visibility.

Expandable responses

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