The API Docs and Tools & Resources landing pages now include links to release notes for the service or tool you are viewing. Click any release note link to read up on the latest or previous changes.

This image shows the release notes links on the API Docs landing page.

Release notes in API Docs

This improvement has been added, because your feedback was that:

  • Previous list with all services on API Docs landing page didn't bring any real value to you,
  • You like when there's a link to release notes in documentation of specific service. Therefore the decision was to do the same for landing pages.

Interactive documentation searchable

The Dev Portal search results now include interactive documentation.

To try out the new functionality, search for this example sentence, To perform the basic operations supported by the Product service. A Product service document with the title Basic appears.

Improved play buttons in interactive documentation

The Play Notebook button in interactive documentation has a new look. The button is now named Execute All and appears in two places in the tutorials, so you no longer need to scroll to the bottom to start a tutorial.

As shown in this image, the second Execute All button is located at the beginning of each tutorial.

New buttons within interactive tutorials

This change was driven by your feedback. It was confusing for you why it says Notebook and why you have to scroll to the bottom of each document to start it.

We appreciate your feedback. Keep letting us know how we can improve.

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