List of scopes for existing applications available in interactive documentation

In interactive documentation, you can select the existing project to use later in the document. Before this release, the result of your selection looked like this:

Previous result of pick application

The feedback from the community was that sometimes a selected application doesn't include the scopes that are required for the interactive document. You may not be aware of that, or you may not remember all the scopes your application has.

Now, when you select an existing application, you can clearly see which scopes it contains: Current result of pick application

After expanding the list, you can see a full list of application scopes: Scopes of picked application

Top experts questions on landing pages

In order to promote the community and its engagement within the Dev Portal, the Home and Getting Started landing pages are now extended with a list of the top eight questions from hybris experts.

Just above the list, you can click an option to sort the list of questions by:

  • hottest questions
  • most active questions
  • newest questions
  • questions given the most votes

Here's an example that shows the Top Experts Questions section on the Home landing page. Top Experts Questions on the Home landing page

Thank you a lot for your feedback. We always take it into account, so don't stop providing it.

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