Search improvement

Previously, searching in the Dev Portal was slow and faulty. We received feedback from the community that the search engine froze the whole page. This happened because the search function triggered every time the search query changed. If the query was short (for example two characters), there were so many matching records that it could freeze the page until all the results loaded. This search brought no real value and prevented users from typing proper queries until the results loaded.

From now on, the search function triggers when you finish typing and, for slow typers, only when you enter three or more characters.

If your search query is too short, this information appears:
Information about minimal length of query

Solutions section in Dev Portal

YaaS is a platform that you can use to build various solutions. Each solution, depending on its complexity, can consist of one or more independent packages that are available for subscription on the YaaS Market. Therefore, we are happy to announce a new section in the Dev Portal, called Solutions. The new section aims to explain all the technical details concerning solutions currently available on YaaS.

Your feedback is very important and valuable for us, so thank you and keep it up.

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