Interactive tutorial is a functionality in the Dev Portal that enables creation and usage of tutorials in interactive way. Basically it means there are documents that you can edit and run the code that they have inside.

Previously, the content in the interactive tutorials was hidden, unless the Load Tutorial button was clicked. It looked like it is shown in the following screenshot:

Old way of loading tutorials.

We have received an improvement request from the community to be able to:

  • Search content of each tutorial with ctrl + f or cmd + f,
  • Read the content before loading the tutorial

Now interactive tutorials are displayed as static HTML. Scroll to the certain tutorial and click the Load {{Tutorial Name}} tutorial to run or edit the code. link, which appears now in the fixed box, to load the tutorial, as shown in the following screenshot:

New way of loading tutorials.

Your feedback is very important and valuable for us, so thank you and keep it up.

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