New improved Release Notes filtering

The view of the Release Notes page is improved. Previously, the navigation on the left side of the Dev Portal included filters to quickly find certain release note by API or Tool name.

Due to the rapid growth of services, the release notes landing page filters are enhanced to scale along with the increased number of services and to support an improved user experience.

The improved landing page filters allow you to:

  • Select the grid or list view. You can choose the view that works for you.
  • Sort the list of release notes by date.
  • Filter by keyword. Any filter you specify is applied to both the service name and its package.
  • Expand for more filters. For now, it includes five filters:
    • Types
    • Tools
    • Markets
    • Packages
    • Services

The new filters:
Filter view

See the improvements for yourself at Release Notes. If you think the new navigation is missing something, has issues, is not what you expect, or you have ideas for improvements, click Feedback and share your thoughts.

API Docs automatically filter based on your geographic location

In the newest version of the Dev Portal, the documentation for APIs filter automatically based on the services available in your geographic location.

When you are logged it to the Builder, the API Docs are filtered according to your region. For example, if you are in the U.S., the API Docs display services that are available in the United Statesregion.

You can check other regions, by changing the filter, as shown in the following image:

Filter based on geolocation

What happens when you are not logged in to the Builder or when there is no market available in your location?

If you are not logged in to the Builder, or if there is no market available in your region, the filter is set to Beta and only displays the BETA services.

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