Multi Select

The API Docs section of the Dev Portal is simplified, along with improvements to filtering on the Release Notes page. These changes make the Dev Portal consistent with Techne patterns, promoting a consistent user experience throughout YaaS.

These are the latest updates:

  • In the Packages drop-down list, you can click the checkboxes to select multiple packages.
  • The Filter menu takes less screen space when expanded.
  • The Country Availability filter is visible immediately when the page loads.

This screenshot shows the latest improvements:

API Docs and Release Notes filtering UI improvements - Multi Select

Third level navigation

The Dev Portal now has a third-level of navigation on the left-hand side, which makes content much easier to find in lengthy sections. Click on the third-level headings, to navigate directly there! Also, the play button for interactive tutorials in the API Documentation section is removed from the navigation because it was distracting to users. In addition, the clickable expand arrow is moved from right to left to be consistent with the existing tree structure.

For example, this is how the play button appeared in the navigation before:

Example with old play button

This is how the navigation appears now:

Example with new, third-level navigation.

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