Duplicate release note emails

Recent feedback from the community indicated there was an issue with duplicate notifications about release notes. Recently, you might have received an email notification with a list of release notes published previously. For example, a notification sent on 2 February 2017, concerned release notes from May 2016 about the Loyalty Email service.

The issue was in the backup mechanism, which operates when generating documentation on the Dev Portal. As a result, the affected release notes disappeared from the Dev Portal and came back after the next document generation, which caused the resending of the release notes.

The issue is now resolved.

Fixed navigation in the API Docs

Thanks to the community feedback, an issue with navigation in the API Docs is resolved. Previously, when browsing through the services documentation, after choosing Europe or the United States as the preferred market, the link to the API Docs landing page changed at the same time, and did not work as expected.

The issue is fixed now, and you can smoothly navigate within the API Docs.

Your feedback is very important and valuable, so thank you and keep it up.

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