RELEASE NOTES/Extension Browser/Extension Browser v1

SAP Hybris Profile: Manage and monitor extensions with the Extension Browser

Take developer experience to the next level

The Extension Browser, released in August 2017, automatically monitors extension subscriptions. New functionality now makes it an all-in-one extension administration tool with five new, astonishing, bringing-the-sky-closer features.

Change extension state

Now the Extension Browser presents the state of each extension, either Enabled or Disabled. You can easily change this state by clicking the toggle button on that extension's table row. Your extension is ready to process system events with a single click.

Provide extension documentation

The Extension Browser now presents the Documentation column, which contains a link to your extension documentation, as long as that documentation is set in the Enricher Authorization service by the provider tenant.

Error indication

If the extension state changes at the same time as a license expires, this is a problem. For example, your extension may still be enabled, but is no longer licensed. The new solution helps you track those cases. The system highlights in red any extensions that it considers malfunctioned.

Enhance extension filtering

With all those new features, finding an extensions that matches your criteria can give you a headache. You can filter extensions using criteria such as State, Licensed, Error, and Extension name, either singly or in any configuration. So finding an extension that, for example, is licensed but disabled, has no error, and has a name starting with "Profile" is so easy.

Facilitate subscriptions

The Extension Browser interface displays guidelines directly from the extension provider, to help you subscribe to the packages and extensions that interest you.

For more information about the Extension Subscription service, which rests under the hood of the Extension Browser, look into the dedicated documentation or explore the service yourself using the brand-new Extension Browser.

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