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Techne v1.0.0

Welcome to techne v1.0.0 – our first official stable release for YaaS!

This release focused on overall stabilization of components, patterns and clear usage guidelines and documentation. The techne page itself under is aligned with the overall builder and YaaS design and we added a lot of new design examples and guideline updates on every page!


Visual System

Alerts, Errors & Notifications

Light Blue alert color is deprected.

System Errors

Generic System Errors

Added a new section for System Errors to provide user-friendly guidance on error content for more generic system erros.


New navigation structure and much more documentated techne components with clear usage guidelines and recommendations

Alerts, Errors and Notifications

Updated usage guidelines on alerts, errors and notifications on the components page. We limited know the amount of available colors for this pattern.


We wrapped the buttons section and added a documentation for the add-something-to-a-list button

Contextual Menu

Documentation and guidelines for the “more” contextual menu to ise on cards and tables.

Radio and Checkboxes not depricated!

Custom radio and checkboxes will stay in techne.

Modal boxes for dialogs

Guidelines and documentation on modal boxes.

Page Header

Redesigned component and clear guidlines for a mobile first techne page-header.

Pagination component

Redesigned component for pagination with documentation and guidelines.

Product Thumbnails

Component for displaying products. This replaces the thumbnail component.


New mobile table drop behaviour for tables with interactions and/or avatars.

Tour Bubble

Guidelines and documentation on the tour bubble.


Reintroducing trees with design update.

Patterns & Layouts

Updated visual reference examples of how to combine techne components to design usable, intuitive consumer-grade YaaS tools. Updated overall styleguide.


Guidelines on icon shapes to you use on cards and tables.

Thank you everyone for participating and helping us to make this first major release happen.

There will be more in the future, stay tuned.

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