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Techne v1.2.0

Our second release of 2016!

We used Q1 to do some major clean up and refactoring, as well as improved guidelines and standards documentation. We also had our first contribution back to the library and we’re looking forward to more!

Major notes:

  • Fixed navigation on mobile devices
  • Clarified color coding of status indicators
  • Added Pills as a component to communicate status or state on detail panels
  • Added an orange ‘warning’ status color designation
  • Major cleanup on the bootstrap overwrites file for improved usage
  • Cleaned up the markup for Section Level Help
  • Removed the definition of the @bower-path variable. IMPORTANT NOTE: As some people need to change the path to their bower_components folder, we removed the default value for the @bower-path variable. In order to build your less files with techne, it is from now on required to define this variable on your own in your stylesheet. ( Example: @bower-path: '../../bower_components'; ):
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