RELEASE NOTES/hybris techne/hybris techne v1.3.0

Techne v1.3.0

Major/New Updates

In order to make your UI design work even faster and have better consistency across Builder UI Modules we’ve introduced some starter page layouts you can use and customize as needed. These starter layouts include:

  • Table page
  • Cards page
  • Detail 1 page
  • Detail 2 page

We look forward to feedback on these starter pages and suggestions for other starter pages you might find useful.

Full Screen View of Screenshot component: standard component to enlarge screenshots included in UI modules

Included a Feedback Form component so you can easily add the Feedback form to any module in a consistent way with the rest of Builder

Included a standard “Back to Top” component for pages that are long

Minor Updates

  • Fixed Back Button animation
  • Clarified pagination usage guidelines
  • Updated and made consistent styling of modals
  • Updated Help component text so it is all italic
  • Updated tabs for better mobile usability
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