RELEASE NOTES/hybris techne/hybris techne v1.3.1

Techne v1.3.1

We focused this release on cleaning up the Techne website and documentation so standards and practices are more clear for teams building on YaaS, with some minor updates to existing components and patterns.

Component & Pattern Updates

  • Updated and clarified the Action Bar (formerly Page Header with Save/Cancel actions) pattern expected behaviors to ensure consistency across Builder modules
  • Increased the size and changed the orientation (vertical to horizontal) of the contextual menu for visibility and usability purposes
  • Updated and clarified guidelines for the Modal/Dialog pattern

Website Updates

  • Updated the main site navigation to separate Components, Patterns and Starter Pages from each other
  • Separate Starter Pages section for easier access and reference (source code available via Github)
  • Redesigned all site pages for better readability and access to code snippets
  • Made Axure libraries and techne color swatches available on the Download & Getting Started page
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