RELEASE NOTES/hybris techne/hybris techne v1.5.3

New Pattern

  • A new pattern defines how to display avatars and images on cards and tables -using standard sizes. This pattern also defines the HTML markup and the user interaction to follow when uploading or changing images. Tree screenshot

Minor updates

  • The Tree Pattern HTML Markup is simplified. Complex use of CSS classes along with HMTL attributes is improved.
  • The Toggle buttons now have a stylized 1/0 label instead of on/off. This change provides a more universal, conceptual representation for the toggle buttons, so there is no need to translate the button labels.
  • Improved accessibility on the Expandable Button. The expandable options are now in a more accessible order. Secondary options are now at the bottom of the widget and do not obscure the primary options anymore.
  • Checkboxes and Radiobuttons components now represent the :focused and :active statuses visually.
  • The Localised Editor is extended to display static content.
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