RELEASE NOTES/hybris techne/hybris techne v1.5.5

Multi-tab Editor

The former Localization Editor is now renamed to the more generic Multi-Tab Editor. You can use the Multi-Tab Editor to collect information with multiple dimensions, such as prices on different currencies and data in different regions.

Minor improvements

  • The Starter Page Details 1 now reflects changes for displaying and updating avatar images.
  • The header style is now the same for the Tree and Table patterns.
  • The Tree pattern now highlights any row when you hover over it with your cursor.
  • The Tone and voice guidelines are updated.
  • The Help bubbles pattern is improved and now appears on top of other elements on the page.
  • The padding of the Static Form Elements is improved to provide a more compact look.
  • The references to the CSS Icon-Font file now have a dynamic hash to prevent caching issues.
  • The Cards pattern is updated to display a nicer shadow effect, and looks less "bumpy" when interacting with the cards.

Deprecated Localization Editor

  • The Localization Editor is now deprecated. This component's CSS classes are still active but only for the next two releases. Use the new Multi-tab Editor from now on.
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