RELEASE NOTES/Loyalty Builder Module/Loyalty Builder Module

###Delete loyalty member profiles

You can delete a loyalty member profile from the loyalty program. Use the Delete feature on the Member screen to delete a loyalty member profile. You can also delete a loyalty member profile from the Member Details screen.

###New Rule Type - Cancellation introduced

The Loyalty Rule service now supports cancellations, using the Rule Type - Cancellation. This rule type supports the Member Activity Type - Cancellation. Use Cancellation to cancel points awarded for member activities. For example, a loyalty member earns points for an order activity, and later returns or cancels the order. The points awarded can be partially or fully cancelled through the Rule Type - Cancellation.

###Manual Deduct is now Cancel

The Assign Points button on the Member Details screen is now the Update Points button. The Assign Points dialog box is now the Update Points dialog box. In the Update Points dialog box, Deduct Points is now Cancel Points, the Deduct button is now the Cancel button, and the Deduct field is now the Cancel field.

The ability to view the Member Details user interface (UI) and the Analytics UI is not available in the Loyalty Core Services package any longer. See. for more details.
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