RELEASE NOTES/ProfileTag/Profile Tag v1

This release includes these new features and improvements:

  • Debug mode on Profile Tag
  • Google Tag Manager Selector
  • Universal DOM tapping for Interactions
  • Improved resiliency on errors

Debug mode

Debug mode in Profile Tag enables the tracing of customer activity in the storefront. Enable debug mode by adding the profileTagDebug=true parameter to the storefront URL.

In debug mode, Profile Tag shows the following additional information:

  • Page definition that Profile Tag uses to render the page
  • Warning logs, if any

For more details about Profile Tag debug mode and tracing, see Enable tracing in your storefront using the Profile Tag.

Google Tag Manager Selector

Profile Tag supports a new selector type, Google Tag Manager (GTM). With this selector, you can select the GTM DOM elements present on your page and extract data from them.

For more details, see Configure events.

Universal DOM tapping for Interactions

Interactions can now contain a list of mappings where each mapping can contain data collected from different DOM elements.

For more details, see Interactions.

Improved resiliency on errors

Profile Tag captures errors without breaking your storefront. When debug mode is active, the service logs errors as warnings in the developer console of your browser.

Find the new version of Profile Tag here.

The major, minor, and latest versions are also updated. Click a version to download:

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