RELEASE NOTES/PubSub Builder module/PubSub Builder module v1

Manage PubSub topics and subscriptions more easily

You can now manage your PubSub topics and push subscriptions directly in the Builder without making direct REST API calls.

The PubSub Builder module is available through a subscription to the Events package in the YaaS Market. After you subscribe to the Events package, you can manage PubSub topics and push subscriptions.

To manage topics In the Builder, select your project and click PubSub. On the Topics tab you can:

  • Click + TOPIC to create a new topic.
  • Click DELETE to delete an existing topic.

To manage subscriptions In the Builder, select your project and click PubSub. On the Subscriptions tab you can:

  • Click + SUBSCRIPTION to create a new PubSub push subscription.
  • Click DELETE to delete an existing subscription.
  • Click PING to verify whether a subscription endpoint is accessible.
  • Click EDIT to modify a subscription.

The new Builder module makes PubSub much easier to use.
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