RELEASE NOTES/Service SDK/Service SDK 4.7.0

HTTP error response callbacks for generated clients

The generate-client goal of the generator plug-in is generating even more code now. For each error HTTP response that was defined in RAML, it will generate an on- method to register a callback, for example onInternalServerError. This feature has the benefit of allowing you to shorten your code significantly. However, old code will continue to be supported in the same way with the new Ramler version, so no changes are required.

Bug fixes and improvements

The SDK Maven Archetype now only generates one common Spring context to ensure consistency between the generated Jersey tests and the actual service. The generated Cloud Foundry deployment configuration cf-manifest.yml has been renamed to the Cloud Foundry's default manifest.yml. The default URL of the authorization endpoint has been updated to point to the latest version of the OAuth2 service.

References to Riemann's URL have been removed from the Service SDK documentation. The monitoring library of the Service SDK is supposed to be used with its own instance of Riemann. The library will always expect the Riemann URL to be provided.

The default log format now also accepts the application instance as an integer. Previously, it only accepted string values.

An "eager token expiration" feature was added in the authorization library, which causes the token to be refreshed five seconds before its expiration in order to compensate for possible network lag and to prevent the usage of an expired token.

A bug was fixed in service generation that was causing missing imports in DTOs created for specific JSON type formats.

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