RELEASE NOTES/Service SDK/Service SDK 4.9.0

With the new release of the Service SDK, we added further support for easier authorization, fixed some bugs, and updated Maven dependencies. Please make sure your Maven dependency versions are not in conflict with Service SDK versions after the update.

Enabled generated client to use the new OAuth 2.0 Jersey Filter with the same client instance

You can now override the AuthorizationScope used by the OAuth2 Jersey Filter on a request basis. To do this, set a RequestProperty with the key OAuth2Filter.PROPERTY_AUTHORIZATION_SCOPE and the desired AuthorizationScope as the value anywhere in your client invocation call chain:

return documentClient
    .withRequestProperty(OAuth2Filter.PROPERTY_AUTHORIZATION_SCOPE, new AuthorizationScope(tenant, SCOPES))

With this new functionality, you can reuse the same generated client instance for making calls that are authorized with a different AuthorizationScope.

Maven dependencies updated

Maven dependencies have been updated to the latest ones, including updating the Jersey library to version 2.22.2 and Spring dependencies to version 4.2.5.RELEASE. Please check your Maven dependency tree and update the versions in order to eliminate possible version conflicts.

Bug fixes

We fixed the problem of the API Console throwing a NullPointerException error when requesting a non-existing resource. We also improved the confusing JavaDoc of the RamlRewriterFilter.setTraitMappings() method, which was not in sync with the implementation.

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