RELEASE NOTES/Service SDK/Service SDK 4.11.0

Spring Version Update

With this release, the Spring Framework version is updated to the 4.3.2.RELEASE. Update the version you use accordingly.

Service Generation Issues Resolved

To resolve a number of Service Generator issues without breaking existing code, a new feature flag called compatibilityModeEnabled is available and is enabled by default. You must explicitly disable the flag to make the fixes take effect. To do so, configure the plug-in as shown:


The details of the fixes included in the feature flag are described as follows.

Enum Generation

With this release, a new feature generates enumeration classes as inner classes with the Service Generator. This improves readability and helps to avoid mapping conflicts when the same attribute name is used within multiple DTOs.

DTOs Definition Generation

DTOs that are generated for nested schemas are named after the referenced schema name instead of the first occurring reference name. That enables better naming when the same schema is referenced in multiple places.

Validation of lists

Now the @Valid annotation is generated in Jersey resources in front of DTOs that are mapped form JSON arrays to Java Lists, as long as the List type is a JSON object that itself requires validation itself.

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