RELEASE NOTES/Service SDK/Service SDK 4.15.0

Multiple values and new fields available for the metric logging pattern

The metric part of the logging schema is adjusted according to updated YaaS requirements. It is recommended that you now log multiple values for a metric log entry with the support of the utility methods. There are also several new fields in the metric log schema, automatically filled in when available and when you use the Service SDK's Logging filters. Check out the logging schema for all the changes and the logging documentation for more information on how to log metrics using the Service SDK.

Error Message Servlet

Have you ever thought of securing your Web Service against information leakage on uncaught exceptions? If you have not secured your service yet, you might find the new Servlet Support utility useful: Error Message Servlet. Simply add it to your web.xml and enjoy nicely formatted, unified error responses on unexpected errors, always following the YaaS Error Message Schema. This utility is Jackson- and Jersey-independent. Refer to the documentation for more instructions.

If you are using the Service SDK Spring Boot starter library, you are already using the feature!

Resolved issue

An issue in the Jersey archetype caused failures when accessing the injected Jersey Context.

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