RELEASE NOTES/Service SDK/Service SDK 4.17.0

Audit Library

You can now use the newest Service SDK to comply with the requirements of personal data protection laws. This version contains a new Audit Library that integrates with the Audit Ingestion service, which helps you manage audit data in accordance with personal data protection laws.

The library allows you to create different types of audit events and asynchronously send them to the Audit Ingestion service. It also manages retries and error handling.

Here's an example use of the new functionality:

        .addConfigurationChange(dataName, oldValue, value, AuditEventOperation.CHANGE)
        .build(), new DiagnosticContext(requestId, hop));

Read more about the Audit Library here.

Support for the new hybris-user-id header

The YaasAwareTrait class in the Pattern Support Library now contains a constant that corresponds to the new header.

The Logging Library logs the contents of MDC logging context, which the Logging Filters Library automatically fills with the value of the hybris-user-id header. When you use the newest Service SDK with both libraries, they propagate the new header, just like they propagate the old hybris-user header.

The Service SDK still supports the old hybris-user header.

Dependency updates

Library versions are updated, including the Spring and Spring Boot versions 4.3.10.RELEASE and 1.5.6.RELEASE, respectively. Please update the versions in your project accordingly to avoid Maven conflicts and unpredictable behavior at runtime.

Resolved issues

An issue with using the Logging Library with Scala is resolved.

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