RELEASE NOTES/Storefront Template/Storefront Template v1.0.0

Site Selector and Site Icon

With this release, the Site Selector has been moved from the footer to the header, where it's more available to the user. The merchant can choose to upload a Site Icon, e.g. a flag that will be displayed instead of the default globe that indicates the Site Selector. This way it's easy for the user to recognize, in the case of a flag, what regional site she is currently on.

<img src=img/AllProductsNoSiteIcon.png class=img-click-modal alt="Default Site Selector" style="width: 95%;">
<img src=img/AllProductsWithSiteIcon.png class=img-click-modal alt="Site Selector Icon" style="width: 95%;">

Shipping Rates Implementation

The Storefront is now implemented with the new Shipping Service. On the product details page, the customer can click the "Shipping Info" link below the "Add to Cart" button to get information about all available shipping zones, methods, ranges and rates for the site.

The order total in cart is calculated with the minimum qualified shipping rate for the cart total, based on the default shipping zone of the site. User is given more shipping options to select from on the checkout page. The shipping service returns the options based on the "ship to" country selected in the address form and the available shipping options display in the Delivery Method drop-down, where user can select an alternative shipping method if wanted.

Further changes were made to checkout page to ensure that the buyer sees the final tax amount and shipping rate included in the order total before placing the order. To enable this, the cart was moved to display at the bottom of the checkout page, and to be hidden behind a "Preview Order" button. When the user has filled in the required address fields on the checkout page, the order can be previewed with the final order total. Storefront is calling the cart-calculation service directly with the complete shipping address in order to get this calculation returned. Clicking the "Preview Order" button displays the cart including order totals and user can fill in the payment details and place order.

Currently we have disabled the ability to edit cart and add coupon code on the checkout page, but this will be reintroduced shortly.

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