RELEASE NOTES/Storefront Template/Storefront Template v1.0.3

Customer login email address change option

Until now a customer could change their contact email address in Storefront, but not the login email address. As customer service allows now login email address change, we have implemented also this in Storefront. The login email address can be changed from 'My Account' page once a user is logged in.

When changing the address, the user is prompted to enter his password. After pressing 'Save' button, an email notifying about the change is sent to the old address and another email requesting to confirm the change is sent to the new email address. After the user confirms the change, the login email is updated as requested. At the same time the customer contact email address is set to the changed login email address.

Main media for products and categories

From now on, the main media for products and categories is the first media item in the collection. You should no longer rely on the main attribute for product and image attribute for category. We also recommend a migration to make sure the order of your media is kept properly.

Add an item to the cart

An indicator has been added so you are aware that an item has successfully been added to your cart. When you add an item to the cart, a notification slides over the cart icon to show how many products have been added.

Add a note to the item

After an item has been added to the cart, you can add a note to that item. This field is for you to add extra information to the product.

Multiple coupons and coupon revalidation

You can now add multiple coupons to the cart. As you add and remove items from the cart, the coupon is revalidated with each cart update. If the coupon is no longer valid, a message appears that the order value is too low for that specific coupon. Note that even though the coupon no longer valid, it is not removed from the cart. If the coupon is valid again, the NOT APPLIED message is removed.

Billing and shipping address on checkout page

The placement of the billing and shipping addresses on checkout page has changed. After adding shipping configurations, the options in the country drop-down menu of the shipping address on checkout page had to be limited to the configured ship to countries of that specific site, while the country drop-down of the billing address should display all countries. To simplify the logic and ensure a smoother user experience (and because there was no real reason to display the billing address on top), we simply decided to switch the placement of the billing and shipping addresses. With this solution, the user will immediately see which countries are available destinations for delivery, while they have the option to add any country to their billing address.

Another change introduced in this release is an update to the drop-down menus themselves. The formerly used ui-select2 directive has been deprecated and it was recommended to start using the ui-select directive from Angular, thus all drop-down menus in the Storefront has been updated to use this new directive, also supporting search and scrolling.

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