RELEASE NOTES/Storefront Template/Storefront Template v1.0.7

This release of the Storefront Template has the following new features:

  • Product fee displays on various pages
  • Product search related updates
  • AngularJS upgrade
  • Product variant information in the order details and the order confirmation page

Product fee displays on various pages

As a merchant, you can add fees to any of your products or items. An example of an additional charge on an item is a deposit fee on returnable bottles when you purchase beer. The fee can be one of the following types:

  • Absolute fee: An amount that is applied on an item or on the item quantity, such as a $5 fee for every six-pack of beer.
  • Percentage fee: An amount that is applied on an item, such as 5%.

When a customer selects an item in the Storefront, the Product Details page now shows the fee, if applicable, that is added to the item, such as a $0.60 fee for each beer bottle shown in the following screenshot:

The fee also displays in the customer's cart and in the Order Details page. The amount shown in the TAX line represents the taxes on the items, and the fee, if applicable.

To display the fees, define the URL of the Fee service in the Site service and create fees for the products using an external fee provider. For more information about the Site service configuration, see the Configuration page.

For information about the Cart Calculation service's supported fee types and how fees are calculated in the cart, see the Cart Calculation Process page.

This release includes updates that prepare the Storefront for upcoming changes to the product indexing with the Algolia Search service. Pull the latest Storefront updates as soon as possible to ensure that the upcoming Algolia Search service release does not interfere with the ability to use the search functionality in the Storefront.

Previously, product records sent to Algolia were indexed by the unique product ID value. With the new release, Algolia uses the value of the product's YRN property in the Algolia index instead of the product's ID property. You can use the search functionality regardless of whether your data is indexed by product ID or YRN. But to handle both types of Algolia indexing, it is strongly recommended to update as soon as possible, or the search functionality could cease to work in your Storefront.

AngularJS upgrade

AngularJS and its related libraries are now updated to the latest stable versions. The library base is renewed and the Storefront is adjusted to the features of the new libraries.

The following Angular, and Angular-related libraries are updated to the specified versions:

angular: 1.5.9

angular-mocks: 1.5.9

angular-sanitize: 1.5.9

angular-touch: 1.5.9

angular-animate: 1.5.9

angular-bootstrap: 2.3.0

angular-ui-select: 0.19.6

Product variant information in the order details and the order confirmation page

Support is added to display product variant information in the order details and the order confirmation pages. Although the support is implemented now, it becomes available only when the next version of the Order service is released, and the Storefront is linked to this new version.

Stay tuned for updates in future Storefront releases.

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