Tracing tool functionality

The new Tracing tool for SAP Hybris Profile is available.

You can now monitor the event flow in the Profile system by using the Tracing tool that collects the details about the time of calls between services and the duration of the operations.

The Tracing tool gathers data including:

  • The time the source service sends an outbound request
  • The time the target service receives a request
  • The time the target service responds to a request
  • The time the source service receives an inbound response

The Tracing tool allows you to:

  • identify latency problems
  • diagnose event flow abnormalities
  • measure how much time a request needs to reach the target service, and how much time the service needs to process that request
  • navigate to the Graph Explorer to see the content written or read by enrichers

Use the Tracing tool

Monitor the event flow via the Tracing UI Builder module. To track the route of a given event in SAP Hybris Profile, search the traces for the contextTraceId associated with that event. Alternatively, search the details of enricher event processing by enricherId, which equals the ID of a given Builder module. For instructions on how to use the Tracing UI, see the Monitor event flow in the Tracing UI section.

To start using the Tracing tool, follow the instructions in the Profile Quick Start Guide.

Integrate your storefront with the Tracing tool

You can easily integrate your storefront with the Tracing tool, either by using a dedicated script, available here, or by using the Profile Tag, as described in this document.

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