HERE Map Tile Service


The HERE Map Tile service is a RESTful API that provides map tile images of the whole world. You can use these map tiles in front-end applications as backgrounds for the visualization of geospatial data.

This API provides all available parameters from the original HERE Map Tile API and allows custom display options, multiple tile resources, and color schemes.

Use the HERE Map Tile service to:

  • Access map tiles for interactive applications
  • Choose from many viewing schemes and display options
  • Specify the location, zoom level, and resolution of map tile images
Using the HERE Map Tile service for active routing and track and trace scenarios is not allowed.

API Reference




Return a map tile

Service Usage

The HERE Map Tile service provides multiple URI parameters to access map tiles. These tiles split a large world map into individual pieces that you can assemble to produce a continuous image. The zoom level defines the resolution per side of the overall map. Each zoom level has a fixed number of columns and rows, starting with 0 (zero).

In general, the recommended method for consuming the Map Tile service is through a front-end map library such as HERE Maps API for JavaScript.


To use this tutorial, you must have a valid Bearer access token.

For more information about how to get an access token, see the /token endpoint of the OAuth2 service's API Reference.

All tutorials are designed in a way that you can use them at the same time with the cURL REST client. You can also use the API Console to try out the API.

Request map tiles

To test your access to the HERE Map Tile service and to understand the structure of the request URL, you can send manual requests for tile images.

Use the following URI to request a map tile on the smallest zoom parameter level, 0. Because zoom level 0 only provides a single tile, the column and row parameters are also set to 0 in the example URI.


basetile on the smallest zoom level

Zooming in and adjusting the column and row values gives you a map of Germany and its neighboring countries. You can also increase the value of the size parameter to 512 to receive a larger image.


a maptile showing central Europe

You can adjust the scheme and resource URI parameters to change the style of the map.

Set the resource parameter to define the type of tile to use. For example, maptile, basetile, or labeltile. Find a complete list of tile types in the HERE Map Tile API documentation.

For a complete list of scheme parameter value options, see the scheme entry in the Map Tile section of the HERE Map Tile API documentation. The full list includes options for specifying the type of map, color scheme, and day or night modes.


a basetile showing central Europe

In addition to illustrated maps, you can also access satellite images.


a maptile made of satellite images

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