Hybris Identity Service


The SAP Hybris Identity Service clusters all of a user's identities around a single profile.

Ideally, each user should have a single profile in each tenant. The identity service makes this possible.

The identity service manages Identity Keys around profiles. Using profiles, you can:

  • Create a new Profile by adding an Identity Key.
  • Read/query existing profile(s) by passing an Identity Key. The response will contain either a single or multiple Profile identifiers which then query the full profile through the Profile API.
  • Add a new Identity Key to a Profile.
  • Delete an Identity Key or Profile.

API Reference




Returns all the profiles which have a relationship with the Identity Key, Identity Type and Identity Origin tuple and then returns all those profiles and a list of all identities associated with each of those profiles. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_view.


Create new profile using the provided identity tuple in the query parameters. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_manage.



Returns a profile that contains its related identities and other related data. Example: For profile with id profile123, give me all of its identities and the profile data. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_view.


Add an identity (specified by key+type+origin) to a profile. The identity specified by the key+type+origin (tuple) is part of the query Parameter sent across to the endpoint. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_manage.


Delete THIS profile including its edges to Identities. If any of its identities then becomes an island, delete only those Identities too. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_manage.



Add THIS identity specified by identityId to THIS profile specified by the profileId. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_manage.


Only relationships between Identity and Profile nodes are going to be deleted. In case that the last relationship is deleted, then Identity node is going to be deleted as well. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_manage.



Gets the identity for the given identity tuple (key + type + origin) along with all the profiles which the identity is associated with. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_view.


Deletes the Identity, specified by using the identity tuple (key + type + origin). Before deleting the Identity, the operation deletes all the relations this identity has with any other node. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_manage.



Returns data regarding a specific identity specified by the Identity Id. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_view.


Deletes a given Identity node and all its relationships by the Id of an identity. Requires scope hybris.profile_identities_manage.

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