Hybris Marketing Consolidation Enricher


The Hybris Marketing Consolidation enricher consolidates a user's web and commerce interactions for each session. A session typically lasts for 30 minutes if the user remains inactive. If the user remains active, system extends the session. This enricher filters and consolidates the marketing-relevant events and publishes them to the SAP Hybris Marketing system for further consumption. This enricher uses the PubSub service to receive messages and publish the messages to SAP Hybris Marketing.

The Hybris Marketing Consolidation enricher comes configured by default. When the session times out, this enricher retrieves all the user activity performed during the session from the Profile service. The enricher then processes the responses received and builds the consolidated output in the format that SAP Hybris Marketing requires. Finally, this enricher publishes the consolidated output to the marketing PubSub service topic.

The Hybris Marketing Consolidation enricher supports these standard interaction types:

For non-e-commerce:

  • WEBSITE_VISIT: Visits to the website
  • WEBSITE_SEARCH: Searches on the website
  • WEBSITE_DOWNLOAD: Downloads from the website
  • WEBSITE_VIDEO: Videos viewed on the website
  • WEBSITE_REGISTRATION: Registrations at the website

For e-commerce:

  • SALES_ORDER: Orders completed on e-commerce website
  • SHOP_ITEM_VIEW: Product viewed on e-commerce website


The topic name is: ymkt-profile-topic. The topic owner client is: sapcecmktwebtr.profile-consolidator

A session time-out triggers the Hybris Marketing Consolidation Enricher.

For more information about events, see the PubSub service documentation.
Triggered by SchemaPayload example


Scopes are strings that represent permission to access specific resources or operations. For example, a scope string can represent permission to write data to a data repository.

Provide a proper scope that allows users to perform certain operations. Grant the scopes in an access token from the OAuth2 service. For more information about the authorization and authentication that SAP Hybris services use, and also about the scopes in general, see:


Use these scopes to view and read data:

  • hybris.profile_view: Use this scope to read data from the profile service.
  • hybris.profile_identities_view: Use this scope to read profile identities from the hybris identity service.
  • hybris.profile_context_view: Use this scope to read data from the Context service.
  • hybris.profileymktconfig_view: Use this scope to read Profile Services for Marketing Configuration.

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