Search Characteristics Enricher


The Search Characteristics enricher responds to events triggered both when a consumer performs a keyword search during a storefront browsing session, and when that browsing session ends after a period of inactivity. This enricher creates a record in the profile containing the search query entered for the keyword search.

The Search Characteristics enricher reacts to the following events:

  • keyword-search


The following events in the Context service trigger the Session Data enricher:

EventTriggered by SchemaPayload example



The following interactive graphic displays the schemas that invoke this enricher.


consumerThe end user whose actions yield profile data in the graph. A profile describes a single consumer.
profileTechnical definition: Interdependent data in the profile document that is associated with a single consumer. Business definition: Data about a single consumer, collected and derived from events that are triggered by, or are logically associated with, that consumer.

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