The Verification service allows you to verify the validity of email addresses and domains. The service offers these features:

  • Domain Verification verifies that the domain name exists by checking whether there are DNS records of the type MX, CNAME and/or A, configured for the service, which makes receiving email theoretically possible.

  • Email Address Verification verifies whether the email is properly formatted, and whether the domain component of the email address is a valid domain for receiving emails from YaaS. This email address verification works with the Domain Verification feature. You can use this feature to pre-validate an email address before sending an email to it, or before starting any lengthy process that relies on an valid email address.

  • Project Custom Domain(s) verification retrieves the verification status of one or more domains registered for a project, including the projects' verification token(s). This verification is required to overcome current limitations when using the Email service with a FROM address that does not belong to the domain {yourProjectId}.mail.yaas.io, where {yourProjectId} is the ID of your project.

  • Project Custom Domain(s) registration registers one or more domains in YaaS as belonging to your project.

For more information about verifying a custom domain, see the Custom Domain Verification section.

API Reference


Allows to check if given domain exists and is a valid domain in YaaS to send emails to.



Returns information whether the domain is allowed to be sent emails to.


Allows to check if given email address is a valid email address in YaaS to send emails to.



Returns information whether the email address is allowed to be sent emails to.


Allows you to manage requests to verify custom domains for your project in Yaas.



Returns a list with all of the domains requested for the project with their verification token. The caller must have the hybris.verification_view, hybris.verification_manage scope assigned. This method uses a paging mechanism. If no paging parameters are provided, the default values are used.


Requests verification of a new domain for the project. See the JSON schema for details. The caller must have the hybris.verification_manage scope assigned.


Allows you to manage verification requests of a single custom domain for your project in Yaas.


Retrieves a domain that has been requested for verification, together with its verification status. The caller must have the hybris.verification_view or hybris.verification_manage scope assigned.


Deletes a domain verification request. The caller must be the domain owner and have the hybris.verification_manage scope assigned.


The purpose of the verifying endpoint is not to verify your YaaS account, but to check whether the domain portion of an email address exists. A successful check does not mean that the email address exists. It means that its domain exists.

Custom Domain Verification

This topic describes how to register your custom domain for verification.

Register the domain

To register your own domain, send a POST request to the /{project}/domains resource of the Verification service. Provide a name for your domain. For example, domain.com. To register multiple domains for your project, perform multiple requests.

A successful response contains the name of your registered domain and two verification tokens (TXT records). Add these tokens to your domain's DNS server, together with your domain. The order of entries does not matter.

This example is a DNS configuration for hybrisVerificationToken=daeb852e-b588-11e6-80f5-76304dec7eb7 and verificationToken=fmxqxT/icOYx4aA/bEUrDPMeax9/s3frblS+niixmqk=:

If you do not add the TXT record to your DNS within three days, the verification fails and the the service removes your domain from the system. To use that domain to send emails after a verification failure, perform the full process again.

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